Extreme Geyser Tube Set By Steve Spangler Science

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Create different styles of geysers with the Extreme Geyser Tube set! Features 4 different caps for different effects. The standard cap is the same as the cap featured in the original Geyser Tube set. The turbo cap features a cone shape, for maximum geyser height. The triple cap divides the stream into 3 separate geysers, like a fountain. The soaker cap causes the geyser to spray at an angle in all directions, possibly soaking everyone in range! With the special geyser tube, you can easily load the Mentos into the soda bottle and still have some time to run for cover. Conduct experiments to see how many candies create the optimal geyser with each cap! Comes with Geyser tube, 4 caps, one roll of chewy Mentos candies and instructions. Geyser tube and caps are reusable; only more mints and another bottle of soda is needed to repeat the experiment. For ages 6 and up.

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