Mobi Math Game

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Mobi is a simple and fun math game that requires no pencil, paper or board - just a flat surface and Mobi tiles. To play, separate all the blue (number) tiles from the white (operation) tiles and make sure all the number tiles are face down. Take up to 7 number tiles and start building your own "crossword" of equations, adding operation tiles as needed. When all of your number tiles are gone, yell FLIP and grab 3 more number tiles; the rest of the players will do the same. If you can't use one of your number tiles, yell "SWAP" and put the number tile back in the pile, and take 2 blue tiles to replace it. Once all the blue tiles are gone, the first person to finish their "crossword" yells "MOBI!" If all of their equations are correct, they are the winner. Great for all ages 7 and up, this game can be played by 1-6 players, with variations to make the game more easy or more complex. Comes in a blue whale pouch that is terrific for travel, plus holds 162 tiles and instructions.

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