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Project #53

Time: 1 Class Period
Difficulty: Easy
Cleanup: None

Project Kit (see Products Used below steps)
White Paper
Heat-Resistant Gloves (optional)

Materials needed if not using Project Kit:
Dura-Lar Clear Overlay Film
Heat Tool
Sharpie Markers in assorted colors
Hole Punch
White Paper
Heat-Resistant Gloves (optional)
View Project Video

Use Grafix Dura-Lar Clear Overlay Film and a heat tool to create sculptures inspired by Dale Chihuly! This project also has an instructional video available!


  • Step 1
    Place a piece of medium-weight (0.005) Grafix Dura-Lar film on top of a piece of white paper; this will help you to see better. Draw designs on the film with Sharpie Markers. Tip: Try to use light colors in your designs, as they will darken when exposed to heat.
  • Step 2
    Cut out the design from the film.
  • Step 3
    Using the heat gun, "melt" the film until it shrinks, be careful not to burn or melt holes in the film. The colors will intensify and the film will stiffen as it shrinks into fun shapes. Use heat-resistant gloves to protect hands, if desired.
  • Step 4
    Punch hole and string for hanging.

Products Used