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Cray-Pen Decorative and Batik Eggs - Project #206

Time: 2-3 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Cray-Pen Tool
Cray-Pen Clear Wax Pucks
Eggs or Papier Mache Eggs
Needle Tool
Glue Gun

Materials For Batik Eggs:
Cray-Pen Tool
Beeswax Blend
Heat Tool
Waterproof Ink in assorted colors
Eggs or Papier Mache Eggs
Paint Brush
Needle Tool
Glue Gun
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  • Step 1
    Using a needle tool, poke a hole in both ends of an egg and blow out the white and yolk.
  • Step 2
    Use a pencil to draw a design on the egg.
  • Step 3
    Scoop up your choice of colored wax from a Wax Puck or regular crayon with the Cray-Pen Tool and apply color to the surface. Use clear clean out wax in between colors. See our YouTube video for a complete demonstration.
  • Step 4
    Continue adding colors until your egg is complete. The wax dries quickly, so you can layer colors if desired.
  • Step 5
    For a batik egg, start with a chunk of clear wax; beeswax blend works well.
  • Step 6
    Use the Cray-Pen Tool to create a design on your egg. The parts covered in wax will stay white.
  • Step 7
    Paint the entire egg with one color of Higgins Pigment-Based Ink. Our example uses yellow.
  • Step 8
    Add more wax with the Cray-Pen Tool - these parts will stay the same color as your first coat of ink. Once the wax has cooled, paint the egg with another color of your choice. Repeat this step one more time with a third layer of wax and a third color.
  • Step 9
    After the last coat of ink has dried, use a heat tool to melt the wax and wipe it off. You will see all the colors, plus the plain egg shell.
  • Step 10
    Make a loop in a piece of string and tie a knot. Use a needle tool to poke the knot through one end of the egg and secure with a tiny bit of hot glue. Hang to display.
  • Optional Tip 1
    Use a papier mache egg instead of a real egg. The Cray-Pen Tool works on glass, wood, canvas, paper and other surfaces too!

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