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Project #22

Time: 1 Class Period
Difficulty: Advanced
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Papier Mache Clay Pot
White Glue
Origami Paper
Wire Cutters
Art Straws
Styrofoam Cone
Paint Brush
Craft Knife

Using origami paper, make beautiful cut-origami paper flowers!


  • Step 1
    a) To make octagon base shapes for flowers, first fold 4" origami paper horizontally and vertically.
    b) Turn the paper over and fold square on the diagonals.
    c) Next, collapse, as shown, to a diamond shape.
    d) Collapse, all four flaps, as shown.
    e) Cut off the bottom point to make a triangle and fold it in half. This will be your octagon flower and leaf base.
  • Step 2
    Start with your octagon flower bases, four should be enough for one flower. Cut shapes out of the bases to make desired type of flower. Make sure to make one of the octagons green for the underside of the flower. Unfold flowers.
  • Step 3
    Assemble the flower by gluing parts together. For the stem, place 18-gauge wire through a green Artstraw, add a dab of glue and push the wire through the green underside of the flower. Allow glue to dry.
  • Step 4
    Accordian fold a sheet of green origami paper. Cut out four leaf shapes from the paper. Use glue to adhere the leaves to the stem. Allow to dry.
  • Step 5
    To make the "terra cotta" pot, use orange paper, glue and a paint brush to cover the pot. Allow to dry.
  • Step 6
    Take a 9x4" styrofoam cone and cut 5" off of the top. Put the foam cone into the pot and then push the flower stem into the foam. Follow Steps 1-4 to make additional flowers. Then place them in the pot.
  • Step 7
    Use glue and brown paper to cover the top of the foam to create "dirt."
  • Optional Tip 1
    If budget is an issue, try wrapping the wire with green paper instead of using the green Artstraw.
  • Optional Tip 2
    Instead of using styrofoam in the pot, stuff it with crumpled paper and then complete Step 7.

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