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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Availability Questions

Does the website carry the same selection of items that I could find at the retail store?

Ordering Questions

Can I receive a Volume Discount when purchasing online?
Do you collect sales tax? How do you handle tax exempt organizations?
Can I use a school purchase order to make an online purchase?
I need to have my purchase order amount approved before I order. Do you offer quotes?
Are quoted prices guaranteed?
United is not on my Approved Vendor List. How can I buy from you?
Can I receive the sale price as advertised on the website when I place a catalog order by mail for the same item?
Are there any restrictions on a free shipping promotion?
Does United ship to correctional facilities?
Does United offer a Reward Card?

E-Book Questions

What are E-Books?
What is an Enhanced E-book?
What do I need to view E-Books?
How Can I Use My E-Books with an Interactive White Board?
Can I Use Enhanced E-Books on my Interactive White Board?
What is the return policy on E-Books?

Privacy Policy Questions

Does United Art and Education sell their mailing lists?


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