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Fierce Fighters Book: Predators

Nature's toughest go head to head. For the worldメs fiercest predators, winning is second nature. But what would happen if they forgot their prey and battled one another, instead? Featuring dozens of the worldメs greatest hunters, this book showcases the most epic battles imaginable between the champions of the land, sea and sky. Grizzly bear versus mountain lion. Electric eel versus piranha. Orca versus great white shark. Komodo dragon versus tiger. Python versus king cobra. These arenメt just head-to-head match-ups, they are tooth-to-tooth and claw-to-claw. Deadly venom against powerful jaws. Speed and agility against brute force. In these dozens of earth-wide battles, can you predict the most ferocious fighters of all? Paperback, 112 pages by Lee Martin and Paul Beck. Includes 250 color images.
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GradeGrade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7
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