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Jacquard Tie-Dye T-Shirts Project

Time: 2 Class Periods (With 1 Between)
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Water, Use Gloves If Possible

Jacquard Tie-Dye Kits
Garbage Bags
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It's impossible to be sad while wearing tie-dye colors! Learn a few basic tie-dye tying techniques with this fun project! Create your own tie-dye shirts. Includes tips for the Scrunch Fold, the Bull's Eye Fold, the Spiral Fold and the Accordion Fold. This project also has an instructional video available!


  • Step 1
    Work at an area that will not be harmed by dye or use a plastic tarp.
  • Step 2
    Saturate fabric with water and wring (wet fabric is easier to fold and bind).
  • Step 3
    Choose a method of binding and bind the T-shirt. Use rubber bands to hold design in place. See the different methods below, under "Optional Tips."
  • Step 4
    Soak the bound T-shirt in soda ash and hot tap water for at least 20 minutes, wring, DO NOT rinse.
  • Step 5
    While the fabric soaks, fill the dye bottle to the line with water, shake until powder is dissolved.
  • Step 6
    Squirt dye onto surface of bound areas, gently pull apart fabric and dye the folds, do not apply too much dye (if puddles appear, it is too much). Squirt dye evenly on all sides.
  • Step 7
    Place one shirt in a garbage bag, seal bag, leave undisturbed for at least 24 hours, (48 hours works even better).
  • Step 8
    Rinse garment under warm tap water until it runs fairly clear, carefully cut off rubber bands while rinsing. Fill washer with warm water and liquid soap and wash immediately. Hang or machine dry.
  • Optional Tip 1
    Scrunch Fold: Gather cloth close together, shape into a ball, secure with rubber bands.
  • Optional Tip 2
    Bull's Eye Fold: Choose middle point, form a conical shape, bind evenly with rubber bands.
  • Optional Tip 3
    Spiral Fold: Lay flat, select center point, twist clockwise, bind with six or more pie-shaped wedges.
  • Optional Tip 4
    Accordion Fold: Starting at bottom of garment, roll or pleat to make a long tube, bind with rubber bands.

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