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Scratch-Foam Metallic Prints - Project #138

Time: 1-3 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Black Construction Paper
Scratch-Art Scratch-Foam Board
Metallic Block Printing Ink
Mixing Tray
Ball Point Pen
Paper Towels
Print Page


  • Step 1
    Draw on the Scratch-Foam Board with a ball point pen. Keep in mind what you draw will remain black, plus, the negative space and the design will be backwards when you print it (especially important if words are used).
  • Step 2
    Place pewter ink in tray and ink brayer. Now ink the Scratch-Foam Board. Place black paper on top of Scratch-Foam Board and burnish to print. Remove paper.
    Step 3
    While print dries, wash ink off of the Scratch-Foam Board and then dry it with a paper towel. Next add additional details with the ball point pen. Remember that where you draw this time the pewter will show through and all of the areas that you don't draw will be a new color the next time you print.
  • Step 4
    Print the design with copper ink following the directions in Step 2.
    Step 5
    Repeat Step 3 adding the final details.
  • Step 6
    Print the design with gold ink following the directions in Step 2.

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