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Tempera Mega-Monoprint Project

Time: 1-2 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Soap & Water

18x24" Mixed Media Paper
22x28" Plastic Poster Board
Tempera Paint
Masking or Painter's Tape
Water Bowls
Rubbing Stick or Baren
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  • Step 1
    Place a piece of 22x28" Pacon Plastic Poster Board, smooth side up, on a table or flat surface. Draw an 18x24" rectangle in the middle and tape off the inside of the rectangle with masking or painter's tape.
  • Step 2
    Paint a picture inside the taped lines with tempera; be generous with your paint or the image will not print as well.
  • Step 3
    Use a sponge to saturate both sides of 18x24" mixed media paper with water.
  • Step 4
    To make the wet paper easier to handle, roll up and align the edge with the outside of the tape. Unroll the paper on top of the painting, taking care to avoid air pockets.
  • Step 5
    Burnish with a rubbing stick or baren. If the paper starts to dry out, re-wet with a clean sponge. When you can see the paint through the paper, the print is ready to be pulled. Peel the paper off and let dry. Add more paint to make another print!

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