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Clouded Leopard Wild Safari Asian and Australian Animal Figurine

The Clouded Leopard is a smaller relative of the "big cats". Native to Southeast Asia, this feline's coat features large blotchy markings instead of the smaller "rosette" shaped spots of its cousin the leopard. Despite their small size, these cats have abnormally large canine teeth, which can be as large as those of the tiger, a cat that can be up to seven times bigger than the Clouded Leopard. Little is known about this cat's habits or diet, as it is mostly nocturnal and difficult to observe. This hand-painted toy measures approximately 5" long and 1-3/4" tall. Great for collectors and museum displays. Also designed to be durable, the plastic toy is terrific for educational and pretend play. Phthalate- and lead-free. For ages 3 and up.

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