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Pelagic Fish Toob Figurine Set

The "pelagic zone" refers to the open ocean, away from the shore and the sea floor. It encompasses the "water column", which is all of the water from the ocean's surface to the ocean bottom. This zone is home to a wide range of creatures, from tiny phytoplankton, to the small fish that feed on them, all the way up to apex predators like sharks, tuna and billfish. This set features 10 different pelagic fish figurines: sailfish, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, silky shark, oceanic whitetip shark, great white shark, blue shark, mako shark, whale shark, and a group of sardines. Sizes range from 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" long. Terrific for display or pretend play. For ages 3 and up.

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