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Project #19

Time: 2 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced
Cleanup: Soap & Water

White Glue
Non-Bleed Tissue Paper
Wire Mesh
Wooden or Styrofoam Ball
Bowls or Trays

Create 3-D fish sculpture using Wireform Wire Mesh and tissue paper!


  • Step 1
    Give students a 10x10" piece of WireForm and a wood or toy ball.
  • Step 2
    Shape and stretch the Wire Form over the ball.
  • Step 3
    Cut out a fish shape using the ball shaped area as the body, leaving three wedge shapes for the fins and tail.
  • Step 4
    Add any extra details into the WireForm to create 3-D fins, tail and a mouth.
  • Step 5
    Cut strips out of the tissue paper in desired colors and shapes.
  • Step 6
    Dip tissue strips into white glue and position onto the fish, smoothing with a flat brush. Repeat until the WireForm is completely covered. Add details with additional colors of tissue paper as a second layer with the glue.
  • Optional Tip 1
    You must use bleed-proof tissue paper if you want the fish to look like the example above.
  • Optional Tip 2
    Instead of covering the sculpture with tissue, use modeling paste and then paint with acrylic. You can also add embellishments, such as glitter, wiggle eyes or sequins.

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