Energy Stick Conductor Set By Steve Spangler Science

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A great toy to explore the science of electricity and circuits. With this kit, you can test items to determine if they are insulators or conductors. If a material or a device allows electrons to move through it freely, it's a good conductor of electricity. Metals, like copper and steel, and some liquids, are good conductors. Some materials, like rubber, wood, or glass, do not allow electrons to move through them easily. These insulators can be used to allow safe handling of, or protection for, electrical circuits. By adding the probes to the ends of the Energy Stick, you have made what electricians call a conductivity tester, or a device that determines if something conducts electricity. Flashing lights and sound let you know that you have completed a circuit. The Energy Stick's sensing circuit is so sensitive that it can detect even a very small amount of electricity that travels across your skin! It's completely safe, and it's a totally cool way to learn. Kit comes with 1 Energy Stick, energy stick probes and instructions. For ages 8 and up.

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