SET Enterprises Five Crowns Game

SKU: SET-4001


Fast-paced double deck contains five suits-clubs, diamonds, hearts, stars and spades, but no aces or twos! Allows more options for arranging hands into sets and sequences. Make the right combinations, be the first to go out, then watch as the other players scramble to get one last chance to cut their losses. Easy-to-learn game starts with three cards per player, 3's are wild. Each level adds an additional card and jumps a number for the wild. Play all the way to the top, as "the game isn't over 'til the Kings go wild!" 116 cards and instructions. 2-7 players, age 8 and up.

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Dawn| 4/26/2021 1:55 pm

We've been playing this game every Friday night for about a month now. Never a dull time - fun family and friends game!


Nancy| 4/27/2021 2:55 pm

Our family loves this game!

False Advertising - product displayed is NOT what you will receive.

Bruce Wilde| 1/21/2023 2:22 pm

The product you advertised on the website is not the product I received. The cards in the purple box shown on the website are thicker while the ones I received. I know this because I just returned cards to Amazon due to their flimsy construction, both of the sets arrived in BLUE boxes, not purple, as shown on your website. I contacted your website last week and no one bothered to reply. Please update the website to reflect the product you are selling - - - - - - From We're sorry that the product you received was not what was pictured. We have updated the image to show what we currently have, and will contact you regarding a refund or replacement.