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Project #226

Time: 1-2 Class Periods
Difficulty: Easy
Cleanup: Soap & Water

12x18" Mixed Media Paper
Black Card Stock
Tempera or Acrylic Paint
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  • Step 1
    Crumple a piece of 12x18" mixed media paper into a ball with your hands. Twist it, roll it, crush it, stretch it – whatever you want! Unfold the paper gently and look for interesting, abstract shapes.
  • Step 2
    Glue the top edge of the mixed media paper to a sheet of 8-1/2 x 11" black card stock, compressing as necessary so the 12x18" paper fits on the card stock base – this will give the paper volume. Glue the bottom edge of the mixed media paper to the card stock in the same way.
  • Step 3
    Continue shaping the paper with your hands, creating interesting 3D effects by bending, folding or creasing as desired. Glue areas in place as necessary.
  • Step 4
    Paint your relief with tempera to highlight the different forms. Our example uses a simple black and white scheme.
  • Optional Tip
    Experiment with a limited color palette. Or, use a lot of colors for Abstract Expressionism.

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