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Project #15

Time: 1-3 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Roylco Pop Culture Paper
Grafix Clear-Lay Film
Fine Point Black Sharpie
Black Cardstock
Glue Stick
Portrait-Style Photographs
White Paper
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Create unique Pop Art portraits!


  • Step 1
    Print a portrait on 8-1/2 x 11" paper. Tape a piece of Grafix Clear-Lay to the top of the printed portrait. Trace the facial features with black Sharpie.
  • Step 2
    Photocopy the sheet of Grafix Clear-Lay to produce a black and white copy. Cut out main features (hair, eyes, shirt, mouth, head, etc.) Depending on the arrangement, you may need 2 copies in order to cut out all the features.
  • Step 3
    Trace each feature onto Roylco’s pop culture paper and cut it out. Using the original portrait and outline as a guide, glue the patterned paper onto black cardstock.

  • Step 4
    Tape the Clear-Lay sheet to the cardstock, lining up the features. Trace over the lines if needed to fill in spaces and darken the outlines.

  • Examples
    Create an entire classrooom of Pop Art portraits.

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