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Project #141

Time: 2-3 Class Periods
Difficulty: Advanced
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Computer with Photo Editing Software (Photoshop)
Laser Printer
Canvas Panel
Acrylic Paints
Omni-Gel Transfer Medium
Paint Brush

Create your own Robert Rauschenberg inspired art! Create a collage and transfer it to a canvas.


  • Step 1
    Create a collage on your computer using photo editing software, it should measure 8x10". Print the collage on 8½ x 11" paper using a laser printer (not inkjet).
  • Step 2
    Apply four coats of Omni-Gel transfer medium. Each coat should be applied in a different direction—horizontal, vertical and diagonal left to right and right to left. Allow transfer medium to dry between coats.
  • Step 3
    Paint swipes of color on the canvas panel, allow paint to dry. Once transfer medium is completely dry, submerge the paper in water and gently remove the paper from the transfer. Keep the transfer moist.
  • Step 4
    Apply a generous coat of transfer medium to the canvas panel and place the transfer onto the canvas panel. Push out any bubbles. You can apply a top coat of transfer medium to finish.
  • Optional Tip 1
    If you do not have a computer or printer, you can cut out pieces from magazines, make transfers out of each one and apply them individually to the canvas panel.

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