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Texture Relief Collage Project

Time: 2 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Chromacryl Texture Paste Medium
White Glue
Non-Bleeding Tissue Paper
Plastic Modeling Tools
Railroad Board
Paint Brush

Use texture paste and tissue paper to create a collage!


  • Step 1
    Cut the railroad board to desired size (6x8” used in examples).
  • Step 2
    Make an interesting design with the modeling tools and texture medium. Let the paste dry overnight.
  • Step 3
    Cut or rip shapes out of the tissue to match all of the patterns created by the texture paste in your design.
  • Step 4
    Using glue in a decoupage-like manner, paste the tissue paper to the design. Use firm pressure to push the tissue into all of the grooves of the paste so the design stands out.
  • Optional Tip 1
    The more the texture paste stands off of the railroad board, the more your design will show once covered with tissue paper.
  • Optional Tip 2
    Leave blank areas on the railroad board, which will create a more dramatic design (don't cover the entire board with texture paste).
  • Optional Tip 3
    Try adding embellishments, such as glitter or sand.
  • Optional Tip 4
    Mix different types of tissues, such as bleeding tissue, for a varied effect.

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