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Winslow Homer-Inspired Seascape Project

Time: 1-2 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Soap & Water

9x12" White Construction Paper
9x12" Construction Paper in 4 shades of blue
Glue Stick
Oil Pastels
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  • Step 1
    Cut a 9x12" sheet of royal blue construction paper in half to 4-1/2 x 12". Cut a wave pattern straight across the top 12" side to create the horizon line.
  • Step 2
    Cut a left-to-right, upward slanting wave out of blue construction paper, and a left-to-right downward slanting wave out of atomic blue construction paper. Highlight all three waves with a white oil pastel.
  • Step 3
    Glue the royal blue horizon wave to a 9x12" piece of sky blue construction paper about 3" down from the top.
  • Step 4
    Position the blue wave slightly lower, as the middle ground. Line up the bottom of the atomic blue wave to the bottom of the sky blue, as the foreground. Glue only the bottom 1" of both waves to the sky blue background and slightly curl the paper so the waves pop out for a 3D effect.
  • Step 5
    Using a pencil, draw a boat, three sails and two masts on white construction paper. Cut them out and color with oil pastels. For younger children, use our boat template.
  • Step 6
    On the rest of the white paper, draw clouds with oil pastels.
  • Step 7
    Position the boat behind the middle ground wave and attach the bottom of the boat about halfway up the wave with glue stick. Curl the top of the wave outward slightly to give a 3D effect.
  • Step 8
    Cut out the clouds and add them to the picture with a glue stick. Stack small pieces of cardboard behind them to make them pop out, adding depth. Use oil pastels to add details to the waves.

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