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Amate Birds Project

Time: 1-2 Class Periods
Difficulty: Easy
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Brown Kraft Paper
Crayola Brown Crayons
Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels
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Amate is a handmade bark paper that was found in Mexico and dates back to pre-Columbian times. Nahuatl folk art painting on amate paper typically depicts the natural beauty of the region, especially birds and flowers, as well as daily life. This project uses kraft paper and crayons to create art in the Amate style.


  • Step 1
    Tear or cut a piece of kraft paper. Using a brown crayon, draw your bird and background images such as clouds, flowers, leaves, etc.
  • Step 2
    Using oil pastels, color in your elements with bright, bold colors.
  • Step 3
    Using a black oil pastel, outline your images.
  • Step 4
    Optional: Create a border using oil pastels.

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