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Claycrete Vase Project

Time: 1 Class Period
Difficulty: Easy
Cleanup: Soap & Water

AMACO Claycrete Papier Mache
Acrylic Gemstones
Empty Plastic Bottles
Craft Gloves
Powdered Tempera
Plastic or Metal Tray

Make vases with Claycrete!


  • Step 1
    Cut the top off of a recycled plastic bottle to make a vase form.
  • Step 2
    With gloves on, mix 3 TBSP powder paint with 2 cups Claycrete and 1 cup of water. The Claycrete should be the consistency of dough. Each color used on the vase must be made separately. Three colors are adequate.
  • Step 3
    Apply the dough mixture to the outside of the plastic vase form. Use different colors to make a design.
  • Step 4
    While the dough is still wet, press gems into the dough and let dry overnight.
  • Optional Tip 1
    Add more to the design by pressing other things into the Claycrete dough like beads and mosaic pieces. Try adding glitter glue when dry!

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