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Project #217

Time: 2-3 Class Periods
Difficulty: Moderate
Cleanup: Soap & Water

Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
Acrylic Paints
Smooth Rocks
Modeling Tools
Household Oven or Toaster Oven
Paint Brushes
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  • Step 1
    Choose a rock and determine which side will be the face. Work Super Sculpey Medium Oven-Bake Clay with your hands so that it is soft, and add a thin layer to the rock as a base for the face.
  • Step 2
    Use Sculpey to form eyes and eyelids, and attach them to the rock. The end of a Sharpie works great to make a pupil shape in the eye.
  • Step 3
    Create a nose and attach it to the face. Use a pencil or pen to hollow out the nostrils.
  • Step 4
    Use two small pieces of Sculpey to form the mouth and adhere it to the face. You can add details later, like the fangs in our example.
  • Step 5
    Create ears for the troll and attach them to the sides of the face.
  • Step 6
    Sculpt details with modeling tools as desired. Our troll has wrinkles in his forehead, lip lines and a few fangs!
  • Step 7
    Bake your Troll in a household oven or a toaster oven according to package directions. When the troll is cool, paint with acrylic paints.
  • Step 8
    Have fun experimenting with shapes and colors as you make a village of Rock Trolls!

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